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CHPC Software: GaussView

GaussView is a graphical user interface for constructing molecular systems, for the creation of Gaussian input files, and to look at the output of Gaussian runs. Molecular structures can be built by hand or can be read from PDB files or from a number of different Gaussian files (com, chk, fchk, cub, or log).

The current version is GaussView5 will be your default if your .tcshrc is set to source the setup for Gaussian09.  You need to confirm that you are sourcing the gaussian setup file for each cluster in your .tcshrc file.

  • Platforms: Peaks, Arches
  • Location: /uufs/

To Use:

If you are a gaussian user and have your .tcshrc setup such that the command g09 is found, then all you need to do is:


If you, are on a windows machine, you must have X11 forwarding enabled in the ssh package you are using and you must have a X window packages such as XMing or XWin32 running alternately you can use FastX on one of the frisco nodes. (see FastX).

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