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The Kachina User Guide has been moved here:



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  1. HERE are some revised/updated instruction for remote desktop on a Mac...

    OK, Now that you have an active VPN connection, you can use the a Remote desktop program to remote display into swasey or kachina...

    NOTE: swasey is for working with protected/regulated data and not for general use - kachina is for general use

    Your mac may have office 'remote desktop connection' which will work OK but we've had better experiences with the Microsoft Remote Desktop which can be download free from the apple store.

    Once you have remote desktop installed, open it up and put or in the computer field.  In the username field put your uNID, in the domain field put 'ad' (for active directory), now authenticate with your passwd and you should get a remote window on to swasey/kachina.  If there are any issues with this please send email to