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Maintained by MUSC - Medical University of South Carolina

Training Videos:

User Guides: 

sparcrequest step-by-step guide



Process Maps:

 SPARC System Process Map

 SPARCCatalog Process Map

 SPARCFulfillment Process Map

Blog: MUSC is in the process of updating and maintain all SPARC documentation on their blog. MUSC SPARC calls are held monthly.  Look here on the SPARC Blog for the next occurrence, call in information, etc.



SPARC Google Groups:!forum/sparcrequest. SPARC Google Group is a great way to pose questions in case others are experiencing similar issues that you may have.


If there are any other specific questions about MUSC SPARC community resources, direct them to

Kyle Hutson

SPARC Lead Program Coordinator II

Medical University of South Carolina

Phone: (843) 792-0865│ Fax: 843-792-6295

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