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Start Here:

After creating a SPARC Request and adding authorized users, you now have access SPARCDashboard. You may access SPARCDashboard at any time after creating, saving, or gaining access to a request by signing in with your institutional UNID/Password or your SPARCRequest created username and password. After logging in, click the Dashboard on the menu bar.


View Notifications and Search for Project/Study:

Notifications can be checked in the red notifications box.



To locate a study/project, type the study/project number, short title, or PI name in the search bar. When you have located the study/project you wish to view, click on it to open.

Users have the ability to archive protocols with the orange “ARCHIVE study” button. Once a user archives a study/project, it is then archived for all users associated with that study/project. When the study/project is visible you have three sections that you are able to view and edit (with appropriate rights): Study Information, Authorized Users, Service requests.

Edit Study Information:

In the “Information” section previously added study information can be viewed and edited by clicking “EDIT Study Information” in the orange bar. Changes made are immediate once “Save” is clicked at the bottom of the page.

Authorized Users:

With appropriate rights, in the “Authorized User” section, you can view and edit all of the authorized users that are associated with this particular study/project and delete/edit them by clicking the appropriate button to the right of their name. You may also add new users by clicking the orange “+ Add an Authorized User” button at the bottom. All users must be assigned a role and proxy rights. A “Primary PI” is required to continue. 

Edit Service Requests:

In the “Service Request” section, you can see all of the requests that have been created for a specific protocol and edit services by clicking the “Edit” button to the right of the request. You may also send notifications to users and service providers by clicking the “Send Notification” button. The “Edit” feature only allows users to add/edit services from that specific provider (for example, “editing” a Technical Services request allows the user to add/edit only Technical Services). The “Edit Original” allows users to add/edit services from all providers (three listed in the screen shot). When editing, removing any existing service from the service cart will remove the service from the protocol, being irreversible. The “Add Services” button allows users to create a new “sub-service request” (ex. 9222-0004) with any services available in SPARCRequest.







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