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Start by browsing the service catalog page, clicking the service providers on the left to search for and add services, or browse by using the search function located in the middle of the page. 

Add applicable services and answer whether the request is a new research study or project. If yes, the services will appear in the My Services cart shown.

If you answer no, you will be redirected to your Dashboard to select an exiting study/project to add service requests to.  Click on the ID or Short Title of your study/project.  At the bottom of the page you will see your current service requests. Click the Modify request button (circled in red). 

You will now be taken to the service selection screen where you can add additional services to your study/project.


To delete a service from the cart, click the red X to the right. 

Note for Long Term Studies and Research Projects:

Multiple services can be requested through a single SPARC request.  However, the status of each service in a request cannot be changed individually, only the entire request.  A researcher that needs repeated services must wait until the all of the services within a previous request are completed before the same service can be requested again for the given project.

It is suggested to decouple repeated services when one of them can be completed more quickly than the other.  For example: a request is made with two services, “1000 DNA blood extraction” AND “10 DNA saliva extractions”, an additional saliva extraction cannot be requested until the entire request (of both DNA and Saliva) has been completed.  Making two separate requests will allow an additional saliva extraction to be requested long before the DNA blood extractions have been completed.

Step 1: Review Services and Assign a Study or Project (For NEW Study/Project)

First, select whether you are conducting a research study or project.


For new projects, Save & Continue will take you to the associated users page to add users and assign appropriate roles and proxy rights. Remember to add yourself AND a “Primary PI” to continue. Once you have all of the appropriate information filled in, click Save & Continue.


If this is an existing study/project, and you want to modify the Protocol Information, click the Edit Study button to the right. Otherwise you can click "Save & Continue".

When creating or editing a study/project, enter the information required, which is identified with an asterisk, to continue.



Step 2A: Enter Service Details

Enter the “Estimated” study start and end dates. Add the correct number of study ARMS and fill in the number of Subjects and Visits in the correct boxes. Notice the first ARM is pre‐populated as the Screening Phase ARM. Add the number of subjects you expect to screen, as well as how many screening visits each will have. If there is no Screening Phase you are able to rename the ARM. Click Save & Continue to move forward.


Step 2B: Visit Calendar

At the top of each ARM enter the number of day/days in chronological order as well as a visit window if needed.

Select at which visits each service will be performed with a check mark in the template tab. Click the blue check marks to select all.

One time fees are located at the bottom of the visit calendar, enter the correct information in the Quantity field; note that it will automatically be populated with the minimum amount, but you are able to indicate more.

Toggle to Quantity/Billing Tab to change the quantity of services and indicate how individual services are funded (R for research, T for third party (patient insurance), and/or % for percent effort). For example, for Visit 1, Quantity is 100 (hours, each), and this visit is funded by Research and Third party.

When completed, click Save & Continue.


Step 2C (if applicable): Enter Subsidy Information

If your services are eligible for a subsidy/funding award you will be prompted to fill in the Percent of Cost or Amount of Funding. The Amount of Funding is how much the PI is contributing to the total cost of the individual services for a given program/provider/core.


Step 3: Additional Notes & Information

If you have documents to share, click Add a New Document. Choose the Type of document, Choose File to upload, indicate who should be allowed access to the document, and click Upload. You may upload as many documents as needed. At the bottom of the page there is a free text field to add additional notes for your service providers.

Step 4: Review Your Request

Review all of the details of your service request. If you wish to make changes click Go Back. If everything is correct either click Save as Draft, Get Cost Estimate, or Submit to Start Services.


Step 5: Submission Confirmation

A confirmation screen will appear with contact information for each service provider and service request IDs. From step 5 you can either access the user portal (see User Portal guide(s)) to edit information or you can click Download my Service Request to obtain a copy for your records.


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