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Once the instrument is enabled as a survey, study participants can enter their responses WITHOUT any REDCap login required. 

Survey Settings 

All survey-related actions/settings are under the Online Designer, which allows each survey to be managed separately and individually.

Enhanced radio buttons and checkboxes for surveys

Radio buttons and checkboxes are displayed differently on the survey page once it is enabled.

Note - this feature does not work for radios and checkboxes in a matrix.

Time Limit for Survey Completion

Users may set the amount of time (in days, hours, and/or minutes) that each respondent has to complete a given survey based on when they were initially sent the survey invitation.

  • This feature EXCLUDES public survey links.
  • When enabled, a new column is displayed on the Participant List where it denotes if a participant's survey link has expired. It displays the expiration time if you hover over the icon.

  • Click the icon, the user can permanently override the link expiration time by setting it further in the future or else to expire the link sooner.

Survey Invitation

Designating a survey participant email field

Users may capture a participant's email address by designating a field in their project to be the survey participant email field for capturing the email address to be used.

Once enabled, if an email address is entered into that field for any given record, users will then be able to use that email address in any given survey in the project to send survey invitations.

Note – once this feature is enabled, survey responses can NEVER BE ANONYMOUS because of the fact that the participant's email address can be viewed on a data entry form, which means it is easy to identify the record/response to which the email address belongs.

Survey Invitation Reminders

  • Users may set reminders for a given invitation to help remind respondents that they need to complete a survey if it has not been completed by a specified time.
  • A single reminder may be sent at an exact date/time, or a user may schedule up to 5 reminders to be sent according to a set time schedule.

  • Note - If the survey is completed, then any unsent reminders will be erased and will not be sent.

Survey Invitation Log

View all emails that have been sent or have been scheduled to be sent to survey participants by REDCap.


  • The Survey Invitation Log has two buttons - View past invitations and View future invitations to allow users to quickly view past or future invitations.
  • There are some filters if users would like to filter the log results by invitation period, invitation type- all, only sent, only scheduled or failed to send, Response type – all, un-responded, partial or completed.
  • Scheduled Survey Invitation: users may edit the "send time" or delete a scheduled survey invitation that has not been sent yet


Survey Invitation without Email

Survey Access Code and Short Code for surveys

  • When email is not an option, Survey Access Codes and Short Code can be used to get a respondent started quickly on a survey.
  • There will be a Survey Access Code for every survey link in a project that utilizes surveys.
  • To get a quick, temporary access code, there is an option to generate a Short Code to make it even faster to start a survey. The Short Code will expire after one use or after one hour has passed.

QR Code for Surveys
If the respondent is physically nearby and has a QR code scanner app on their device, they can quickly scan the QR code for any survey link, which will immediately open the survey webpage on their device.

Automated Invitations

The survey invitation will be sent or scheduled automatically based on specific conditions or triggers.

The trigger can be a participant completing a survey in your project, and/or custom logic

There are several options for specifying the time in which the survey invitations get scheduled after being triggered.

The Automated Invitations setting can be set as Not Active at any time

Survey Queue

What is Survey Queue?

The Survey Queue displays a list of surveys to a participant all on a single page, in which the queue comprises all surveys that are to be completed as well as the surveys that the participant has already completed.

Set up Survey Queue

Navigate to Online Designer where the user clicks the Survey Queue to enable Survey Queue for surveys in a REDCap project.


Surveys can be set to appear in the Survey Queue based upon the following conditions:

  1. If the participant has completed a particular survey, and/or
  2. If certain conditions are met based upon data values (similar to branching logic)

If any surveys have been activated for the Survey Queue, they will be displayed to the participant after completing a survey

If the Survey Queue is enabled in a project, a user can obtain the survey queue links for participants at the top of the data entry form when viewing a response and also as a column in the Participant List.

Survey Login

Survey administrators can provide improved security to their surveys with a survey login form, in which respondents will be required to enter some login credentials in order to begin a survey or (if the "Save & Return Later" feature is enabled) to return to a previously entered survey response.

Go to Online Designer to enable the Survey Login Feature.

Users may choose one, two, or three fields in your project to be used as the login credential fields for surveys in your project.

The Survey Login can be enabled for ALL surveys in a project or just selected surveys in which it can be enabled for each on their Survey Settings page.

Users may customize the security settings for survey login

If a survey has the "Save & Return Later" feature enabled, Return Codes will not be used to return to the survey, but it will use the Survey Login's login credentials instead.

Once a respondent has logged in to a survey, they will not be prompted to enter their login credentials again if they return to that survey or begin another survey using the survey login within the following 30 minutes.

Note – Survey Login cannot be used for Public Survey.


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