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  1. Building and Room Access:  To get key card access to doors in INSCC or the machine room in SSB, please see Janet Ellingson at the CHPC front desk room 405 (janet.ellingson at or , 801-585-3791 )or send email to
  2. Conference Room and Auditorium Scheduling:  There are five 'conference rooms' in INSCC.  
    1. The 1st floor auditorium, (Rm. 110), seats about 50 people.  
    2. The 2nd floor, a vislab (Rm. 294) which can accomodate about 20 people.
    3. The 3rd floor small conference rooms (Rm. 345).
    4. The 4th floor small conference room (Rm. 445).
    5. To reserve a room, please see the CHPC front desk room 405, call 801-585-3791 or send email to
  3. Networking:  There are multiple people that work together to support CHPC networks.  Your fastest support will come from sending an email to
  4. Server Co-Location in CHPC machine rooms: INSCC, SSB, Komas and future in the downtime datacenter. Contact CHPC if you are interested in this service.