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The All CHPC has a variety of statistics software and tools available for scientists and researchers. These tools are distributed across CHPC Systems according to different licensing and operating system constraints. If you need access to special systems like Kachina or other software, please contact the CHPC for more information by sending email to


Availability: Kachina (v 9.3)

SAS/STAT is a highly used software suite for statistical analysis for a variety of systems. SAS may be run interactively from turretarch nodes by the command 'sas'. For Kachina, press the windows key and search for SAS 9.3, or navigate the All Programs tab and find the SAS folder. The SAS text mining package Eminer is also available. Help on using SAS can be found here:


Availability: Kachina

R is an open source implementation of S, similar to S-PLUS. A number of previous versions are also available for backwards compatibility. R is maintained by the R-Project, and manuals can be found on their (no direct links). R also has a substantial number of user written packages at Another site with a number of example graphs is here: If you need help with packages for R, please contact the CHPC.

STATA, Mathematica, Matlab, Microsoft Office 2010

Availability: Kachina





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