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For use on the kingspeak, ember, and ash clusters, the current version of R is 3.0.1_rh6. If you are using a different machine and are unsure which operating system it's using, let us know.
You can get that version of R on your execution path by using one of two scripts we provide.
If you use the tcsh shell, put the line
source /uufs/
in your .tcshrc file; if you use bash, put
source /uufs/All CHPC Software Documentation has been moved:
in your .bashrc.
Additionally, to use the packages we've installed against it, make sure you have a file called
in your home directory (note it must start with a dot.) It should contain the line

This includes a searchable database found:", .libPaths()))
After that, log out and back in to have your .tcshrc or .bashrc take effect, and R will be available with all the packages we've installed. Make sure by typing
which R
and see that it returns
If you have trouble, please write to and let us know.