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  • Mac instructions for using the VPN to access CHPC resources then using remote desktop to RDP to swasey

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  1. Remove/Uninstall current VPN client.
  2. Point your browser to  to: and login:
    1. Group: Unid
    2. Username:   (or whatever VPN pool is appropriate for your use, i.e.,   or just  note: will allow you to samba mount nfs fileserver for home/group space). You can email if you're not sure which one you should use.
    3. Password:  <your current umail/campus password>
  3. Click 'Continue'
  4. Click 'Start AnyConnect'  This will try to automatically install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.  This usually fails, but you are then given a link for 'Manual Installation'
  5. Click on the link 'Mac OS X 10.6+ (intel).  This will download a .dmg file.
  6. Open 'anyconnect-macosx-3.1xxxx-web-deploy-k9.dmg' and install the client.
  7. Open Applications, Cisco then click 'Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client'
  8. The first time you use this VPN client, you'll need to enter in the 'Connect to:' field:
  9. Log into VPN using steps 2a, 2b, and 2c.



Either Part I or Part II has to be completed for VPN access (NOT both). If you prefer this method (Part II), see attached PDF below.