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  • How to connect to vpn for CHPC resources

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*Loose affiliates* i.e, non University employees or past employees

NOTE:  If you cannot authenticate to the VPN pool but your still able to connect/authenticate to then you may need to:

Work with whatever department you are currently affiliated with and have them submit an  Affiliate/NON-employee form at:

One can do this via two different methods...

1) Use the WebVPN point your web browser to:

a) Enter For you username one can enter your uNID and password  OR one use for username ( or other appropriate group vpn pool).

b) Click on 'anyconnect' after authenticating.


b) Once the client is installed you can start it up (it's program folder is named 'cisco systems vpn client') and the 1st time you run it you'll need to import the uofu.pcf file (so it has the right configuration for our the UofU departmental VPN service) the uofu.pcf file in in the same folder at the uit vpn client you just downloaded.  You can import the pcf file by going to 'connection entries' > 'import', you will get a message that it was imported.  Now just double click on the uofu connection entry and authenticate (making sure to use the appropriate username for the VPN pool your trying to get in... for example or  u000000 or etc etc )

Most of the time if you have problems connecting to the VPN, try... 1) make sure you have the latest client installed.  2) try rebooting 3) Make sure your not connected to the VPN via another host (if you are you may need to call 581-4000 and ask them to terminate all connections with your uNID) 4) make sure you only have one connection to the internet at any one time (i.e., don't be connected via ethernet and your wifi)

CHPC doesn't manage/run the VPN pools so we have very little visibility into finding out what may be wrong.
Please contact the UIT helpdeks at or 801-581-4000 for help with this - Ask them to disconnect all active VPN connections associated with your uNID.

If you can't authenticate then send email to<> or You can call the campus help desk at 581-4000.


NOTE: proper IP ranges can be found at  VPN Details for CHPC technical staff (NOTE: use to manage vpn users now)


3) Go to and make sure your clients IP # is in this range... to (for the CHPC your IP should be in the range...
(or right click on the cisco icon in the system tray by the clock & look at the properties of client address)

Here is the main VPN page for campus, it covers how to install/config the heavy client (vs using the webVPN) essentially you'll install the cisco client then import the pcf file.http

Please let<> if there are problems with any of this.