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titleSPARC Documentation and Support

Quick Links:

Welcome to the user documentation for SPARC Request Services Catalog. We have implemented SPARC that was kindly shared from The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). The U of U SPARC User Guides can be found in the right column. External resources are below.

Overview of SPARC:

SPARC Request (Services, Pricing, & Application for Research Centers) is a web-based research management system that provides a central portal to researchers and their study teams to browse for research services and resources as well as submit service and pricing requests with a focus on billing compliance and proposal/budget development. The free software is open to MUSC affiliates and CTSA institutions to adopt and capitalize on efficiencies.

External SPARC Resources:

SPARC Environments:

Training Environment (Non-HIPAA):

The training system in used for getting up to speed on how to use the system and configuring a lab or biobank here at the U. It is NOT intended for any protected data.

Protected Environments (HIPAA):

TEST: The Test environment is intended for testing of production.