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For private surveys, use the Participant Contact List. This option allows you to send emails and track who responds to your survey.  Here are the steps to design this:


  1. If the first instrument on the project is not a survey, add a field to a form on the project that is designated to collect email addresses.  Here is how you create/edit a field to collect email addresses:

    1. Go to a form on your project and add or edit a Text Box question that asks for email address
    2. Select "Email" in the Validation box (circled in red in image below)
    3. Enter a Field Label and a Variable Name
    4. Click Save.

  2.  Go to “Project Setup”, scroll to the “Enable optional modules and customizations” box, and click on “Enable” next to “Designate an email field to use for invitations to survey participants”  (circled in Red in image below).

  3. A box like the one below will pop up.  Select an email field from the box (note: email addresses entered in this field will be used to send the survey(s) to) and save.  If a field is not listed, follow the instructions on step 1 on this page.


  4. When the question asking for the email address is answered and saved, it will automatically be listed in the “Participant List” (Circled in green below).  This is located in “Manage Survey Participants” (Circled in Orange below).


  5. To send the survey(s) to participants, select the survey from the event box (circled in red above) and click on “Compose survey Invitations”.  A box similar to the one below will pop up.  Select all the email addresses you would like to send the survey to (located on the right side of the box), enter the Subject (located on the left side of the box), fill out anything else in the box you feel is necessary, and click "Send Emails" (located at the bottom right corner of the box).


  6. The surveys have now been sent, if you want to view who they have been sent to, go back to the "Participant List".  It will mark the participants you sent the email to by putting an envelope with a green check mark in the "Invitation Sent" column (circled in red below).  It also keeps track of which participants have responded by putting with a green check mark next to their email address (circled in orangebelow)


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