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There are several other ways to login to xsede resources using the "xsede portal” or “stand alone java terminal” methods or using
the stand alone application "GSISSH from your desktop" pls see

NOTE: (users will need to manage there own host/user certificates)


CHPC is not currently an xsede site offering single sign on services (GSI authentication) to/from xsede resources.

Three recommended methods for users to accomplish this...

1) Xsede portal
2) java terminal
3) user installs globus toolkit in homedir & manages own host cert.

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  1. Logging in using Globus

    Installing Globus Toolkit

    Download and build Globus Toolkit

    $ wget
    $ bunzip2 gt5.0.2-all-source-installer.tar.bz2
    $ tar -xf gt5.0.2-all-source-installer.tar
    $ cd gt5.0.2-all-source-installer
    $ ./configure --prefix=$HOME/myglobus
    $ make gsi-myproxy gsi-openssh gridftp
    $ make install

    Set Environment Variables

    $ source $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/

    (You may want to save the previous commands in your '.bash_profile' or '.bash_login' file, such that you do need to type them over and over)

    Remove old certificates

    $ rm $HOME/.globus*

    (This is just done once, to make sure you start from scratch)

    If you have installed a client with the previous step, or you are coming from a system that already has Globus installed (eg, another XSEDE site), it is easy to use the client. First, get a proxy certificate as described here.

    • Please note: If the certificates proxies are not already taken care of (eg your computer), you need to use the -T flag with myproxy-logon, which downloads all of the certificates proxies to ~/.globus/certificates. If certificates are already taken care of for you (eg any NICS resource), do not use -T as it will prevent gsissh from looking in the site-wide location for certificates.

    Next, use "gsissh" to connect to the resource you wish to use. If the resource you are trying to connect to accepts GSI authentication, it will log on. If not, it will probably fall back on another authentication method (prompting for an OTP passcode). At NICS, the GSI nodes (eg accept GSI authentication, other nodes only accept OTP authentication.