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Utah REDCap Certificate Program (URCP)


The Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap)1 application has been widely used at the University of Utah (UU), Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Hubs and other academic research institutions.  Because of it’s broad acceptance and use there are hundreds of UU users and thousands of users across the national and international landscape that have acquired, or wish to acquire certification for their skills which are utilized in their (roles) use of REDCap.

Having a formal certification program provides benefits to the information technology (IT) staff supporting REDCap, the researchers who depend on skilled collaborators and staff who use REDCap to support translational research and the users who can use the certificate(s) as formal recognition of their data management skills.


The Utah REDCap Certificate Program (URCP) is designed to formally recognize users who have attained the necessary skills in one or more user roles related to the use of REDCap.  The certificates are designed to represent how people interact with REDCap (roles) within an academic health science environment rather than focus on individual tasks within the application.

The URCP has three components:

  1. Didactic instruction classes focused on the knowledge and skills required for each certificate
  2. Online written test to demonstrate acquired knowledge of the concepts processes underlying each URCP role
  3. Skills test requiring use of REDCap to demonstrate mastery skills required by each role.


  1. University of Utah (UU)
    1. All UU staff and faculty are eligible to participate in the URCP
    2. UU Collaborators
      1. Any person who is a legitimate collaborator on a UU project is eligible to participate in the URCP
      2. Each person must be sponsored by the principal investigator (PI) of the project
      3. CTSA Hubs
        1. Persons affiliated with a CTSA Hub are eligible to participate in the URCP
        2. Other institutions
          1. Participation in the URCP by persons not previously described (1-3) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis

Length of Certification

Certificates are valid for a period of one year.  Because REDCap has historically introduced significant changes and additional functionality annually the URCP will require recertification to incorporate these enhancements.

Certification Status

The URCP will maintain a database of each person and their current status:

  1. Not certified
  2. Completed written test
  3. Failed written test
  4. Certified (completed written test and skills test)
  5. Certification expired 
    1. > 18 months since last certification
    2. > 12 months without any REDCap activity
    3. Certification revoked
      1. Misuse or unauthorized of the UU REDCap system
      2. Official scientific misconduct
      3. Termination for cause from UU, collaborating institution or other CTSA Hub



Cost of URCP

  1. There is no cost for persons defined under Eligibility cases 1,2 or 3. 
  2. There is a cost of $25.00 (US) for persons defined under Eligibility case 4
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