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  • Designating & Enabling a survey participant email field
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REDCap may capture a participant's email address by designating a field in their project to collect email address.  This then can be used to send future surveys to this participant.  The following shows steps on how to create  a field to collect email addresses that you can use to email surveys to participants. 


  1. Designate a question to collect a person's email address by doing the following:
    1. Add or edit a Text Box question that asks for email address
    2. Select "Email" in the Validation box (circled in red in image below)
    3. Give the question a Field Label and a Variable Name
    4. Click Save.

  2.  Go to “Project Setup”, scroll to the “Enable optional modules and customizations” box, and click on “Enable” next to “Designate an email field to use for invitations to survey participants”  (circled in Red in image below).

  3. A box like the one below will pop up.  Select an email field from the dropdown box and click "Save" (note: the email address entered in the selected field will be used to email survey(s) to).  If a field is not listed, follow the instructions on step 1.



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