(contributed by Eric Hughes)
Before you change your campus password go through a few steps to ensure that your account doesn’t get locked out.

  1. In Windows 7 Go to control panel and then credential manager.
  2. Look in credential manager for your Outlook or Thunderbird Credentials, mapped drives, and umail. Make sure to remove from vault for any of those that use your campus password. Kronos and other web sites might be in there as well.
  3. After all the items that are relevant are removed from the credential manager on each computer that your work on. Then proceed to your phone.
  4. On the iphone go to settings, mail, contacts, and calendars and go into your UofU account and change the password to the one that you plan on using but don’t click on done yet.
  5. Now back to your computer to go through your change password process. Go to the CIS.utah.edu page and change your password.
  6. As soon as the password is changed go to your phone and click done.
  7. Now all your applications should prompt you to enter your new password and your phone will be good to go.