Guest Transfer

CHPC provides a mechanism for our users to transfer files to and from individuals without CHPC accounts. This service is called guest-transfer.

What is it for?

At times, CHPC users need to transfer files to or from individuals that don't have CHPC accounts. These files are often quite large (many gigabytes), and thus unsuitable for other transport mechanisms (email, DVD).

These file transfers often need to happen with little or no warning. They may also need to occur outside CHPC's support hours. Thus, the guest-transfer service must function without intervention or assistance from CHPC staff.

What is it not for?

How do I get a guest account?

When a CHPC user needs to use the guest transfer service, he goes to and fills out an online form. This form creates a guest transfer account. The user then gives the guest account username and password to his colleague. The user and his colleague can now share files.

How do I use the service?

Once you have created a guest-transfer account and given it to your colleague, you and he copy your files to with your scp/sftp client (scp, sftp, WinSCP, etc).

Things to remember

There are a few things to remember about the service:


If you need help using the guest transfer service, send email to the CHPC Help Desk (help at